What are the maintenance methods for plastic model cars?

Many people will maintain these collections when they collect most of the plastic model cars, and there are many ways to maintain this. Have they ever been maintained? When it comes to maintenance methods, there are so many, then the authentic maintenance methods are Which?

Now let's take a look at the maintenance methods of plastic model cars, which will definitely benefit you a lot!
Generally speaking, car models have relatively high ornamental value and decorative effect. When they are made, high-end metal materials and plastics are used to make them. Due to the high processing technology requirements, the paint spraying requirements are almost required. Ao reaches the level of a real car, so it is also strict in maintenance.

1. When lacquering and waxing, it is generally when the car model is placed for two to three months. At this time, the paint surface needs to be maintained, and ordinary car wax can be used, so every time when waxing The wax should not be too much. Pay attention to the cracks of the car model, and do not drip wax into the cracks.
2. Since plastic model cars are generally afraid of humidity and sun exposure, it is generally necessary to open the box to ventilate and dry after encountering rain and snow, but remember not to expose to sunlight or blow dry with a hair dryer. This will make it easier to separate the paint from the metal body, thus shortening the storage time of the model.

3. Pay attention to dust when placing it. The car model is placed on the desk or general table, and a plexiglass cover should be set to prevent dust from entering. If it is placed in a display cabinet and you want to create a better atmosphere, you can put some lights in the display cabinet. But be sure to put a small glass of water in the display cabinet, because the spotlight temperature is relatively high, it is easy to make the paint surface of the car model dry, if you put a glass of water, you can maintain the humidity in the cabinet.

4. Handle lightly, do not collide with plastic models cars and hard objects.